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How do you refinance a car loan? This is a common question we hear at Basil Chevrolet Buick, inc.. If you are looking for a way to reduce your interest rate, learning the best way to refinance an auto loan can be quite beneficial to you. The team at Basil Chevrolet Buick, inc. has created this guide about what to know when refinancing your car to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

How Do You Refinance a Car Loan?

No one wants to pay more in interest than they have to, which is why many Jamestown and Westfield drivers consider refinancing. The goal of refinancing is to lower the interest rate you are being charged each month. Before you can refinance your loan, you need to be aware of what you are currently paying. Take a look at your loan documents or contact your lender to confirm your current interest rate and monthly payments. After you have all of the information you need, follow these steps on how to refinance a car loan.

  • Review Your Credit Score: Find out what your current credit score is.If you have been paying all your bills on time from the time you purchased the vehicle until now, your credit score has likely experienced a boost, making you a great candidate for refinancing.
  • Submit Your Applications: Apply to several automotive refinance companies so that you know you are getting a fair and competitive rate. All applications should be submitted within a 14 day period to minimize the negative impact on your credit score.
  • Evaluate Offers: Thoroughly consider each offer and be aware of all the terms.
  • Decide on a Loan Term: Choose a loan term that works best for you. Shorter-term loans will have a higher monthly payment, but the perk of paying less interest over time. Longer-term loans are more affordable on a monthly basis. However, over the course of the loan, you end up paying more in interest.

What to Know When Refinancing Your Car

Still not sure whether refinancing is the right choice for you? Keep this information in mind.

  • Fees: Does your original loan include fees for paying the loan off early? If it does, refinancing may not be worth it.
  • Underwater Finances: Do you owe a lot more on the loan than what the vehicle is actually worth? This can make getting approved for refinancing quite difficult.
  • Older Vehicles: Older vehicles that have depreciated significantly may not be eligible for refinancing.

Consult the Finance Experts at Basil Chevrolet Buick, inc.

Our finance experts would be more than happy to discuss what you need to know when refinancing your car. Contact us today for more information about automotive financing.

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